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Rent a commercial space to make a store for the merchant as for the lessor to submit to a specific regulation, that of the commercial lease. Compared to other types of leases, the latter generates a very specific legal regime.

Commercial lease, the adequate lease applicable to store rentals

For a trader or craftsman, customer loyalty often takes time. To achieve this, having a store is an essential asset. Indeed, it allows the professional to be locatable geographically speaking.

Given these realities, it is therefore imperative for the trader or craftsman to settle permanently in the local. When renting is the only way to access such premises, the Shops on Rent in India is the appropriate alternative to achieve the imperative of stability.

Indeed, in this type of lease, the tenant is legally allowed to stay at least 9 years in the premises. The lessor does not have the right to terminate the contract early.

In addition, at the end of 9 years, the tenant also has a right to the automatic renewal of the Cheapest price shops for rent in India. If the lessor disagrees with this prerogative, he will have to pay the tenant an eviction indemnity.

According to the evolution of its activities, the tenant trader has the right to break the contract early at the end of each three-year period.

Store rental: what activities to exercise?

In principle, as soon as a lease is of a commercial nature, all kinds of trading activities can be carried out in the premises. One can rent warehouse at cheapest price in India in this scenario. However, contracts often identify precisely the nature of the activity to be carried out.

In these cases, the warehouse for rent in India tenant will not be able to trade anything other than what has been indicated in the contract. Otherwise, it must first notify the owner, or get his permission.

When the change (or the addition of activity) is partial, the notification alone will suffice. It will be done by means of a simple registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

When the change of activity is total, the authorization of the lessor is required. The request of the tenant will have to be presented to the owner.